18th Introduction to                Congenital  Heart  Disease

The 18th Introduction to CHD Course will be hosted by Evelina London Children's Hospital and Guy's & St. Thomas NHS Foundation Trust


The week is run collaboratively by three different London Cardiac Centres:


  • Evelina London Children's Hospital at Guy's & St. Thomas NHS Foundation Trust
  • Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust



This annual course is aimed at all nurses and allied healthcare professionals involved in the care of children and adults with congenital heart disease. The day on the 7th of July focuses on the transition to and care of adults with congenital heart disease which is the natural outcome and challenge for the majority of children with CHD.



Key issues covered include:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system
  • Pathophysiology and management of different heart conditions
  • Assessment and therapy strategies to minimise the long-term effects of CHD
  • ECG and dysrhythmias
  • The transition from paediatrics to adult care
  • Nursing and psycho-social implications
  • Cardiac support and heart transplantation
  • Ethical issues


This highly focused course combines presentations, interactive lectures, case studies and examples of good practice, parents and representatives from the associated not-for-profit organisations, together with the opportunity to participate in Q & A sessions.



Delegates will receive comprehensive course materials in an electronic format at the end of the course.



Evelina London Children's Hospital


ELCH is at the heart of a network of children's health services in Lambeth and Southwark and across south east England.


It is located on the St. Thomas' Hospital site and is part of Guy's and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust. The award-winning state-of-the art building opened in 2005 and was the first new children's hospital to open in London in more than 100 years. Involving children and their families in the planning and design has resulted in a truly iconic building, which has a unique calming environment and the best medical facilities, suitable for children with less serious conditions as well as those with complex and life-changing medical needs


Our children's services extend to the care that local children receive in the community. This includes everything from health visitors to specialist input to prevent children with long-term health conditions needing hospital care.


We provide a comprehensive range of children's healthcare services, so that we are able to look after patients from antenatal diagnosis through childhood, into adolescence and into adult life. We are very special because we have both a maternity unit and a children's hospital on the St. Thomas' site. This means newborn babies are able to get the specialist help they need on the same hospital site as their mothers.


At the centre of several specialist children's health networks, the Evelina London coordinates complex care for children across the South Thames region, working in partnership with King's College Hospital, the Royal Marsden Hospital and St. George's Hospital. This means that we ensure patients get a full range of specialised inpatient and outpatient services close to where they live at their local hospital.


Evelina London provides a focus for child health across King's Health Partners - consisting of Guy's and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust, King's College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, King's College London and South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.


By working closely with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services at South London and Maudsley we can meet the mental as well as physical health needs of the children and young people we care for.


Jointly with our academic partner King's College London we are able to provide exceptional education and training opportunities for staff, and to bring the latest treatments to our patients at the earliest opportunity through clinical research and patient studies.


  • We are the second largest provider of children's services in London
  • Children's services provided in Evelina London and GSTT treat around 55,000 children a year.
  • We have 130 inpatient and day case beds, 20 paediatric intensive care beds, 46 neonatal cots, six operating theatres and kidney dialysis unit.



Royal Brompton & Harefield NHS Foundation Trust


RBHT is the largest specialist heart and lung centre in the UK and among the largest in Europe. We work from two sites, Royal Brompton Hospital in Chlesea, West London and Harefield Hospital near Uxbridge.



RBHT is a partnership of two specialist hospitals which are known throughout the world for their expertise, standard of care and research success. As a specialist Trust we only provide treatment for people with heart and lung disease. Our doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff are experts in their chosen field, and many more move to our hospitals from thorughout the UK, Europe and beyond, so they can develop their particular skills even further. We carry out some of the most complicated surgery, and offer some of the sophisticated treatment that is available anywhere in the world and treat patients from all over the UK and around the globe.



We have a worldwide reputation for heart and lung research. We work on numerous research projects that bring benefits to patient in the form of new, more effective and efficient treatments for heart and lung disease. We are also responsible for medical advances taken up across the NHS and beyond. Each year between 500-600 papers by researchers associated with the Trustare published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, such as The Lancet and New England Journal of Medicine. Our main partner is the National Heart and Lung Institute at Imperial College, London. We run additionalresearch projects with other hospitals and universities in the UK and abroad.



  • We undertake more than 144,000 outpatient appointments and supervise around 32,000 inpatient stays each year. Our specialist perform over 3,300 angiograms / cardaic catheterisations, 2,200 thoracic surgery operations, 2,400 coronary angioplasties, 1,400 treatments fro respiratory failure and 1,000 heart bypass operations on an annual basis.
  • We are Europe's top-ranked respiratory research centre and our cardiac, cardiovascular and critical care teams are rated in the top three most highly cited health research teams in Europe.
  • Our Heart Attack Centre at Harefield has pioneered the use of primary angioplasty for the treatment of heart attacks and has one of the fastest arrival-to-treatment times in the UK (23 minutes compared to a national average of 56), a crucial factor in patients' survival.
  • Our on-site foetal cardiology service enables clinicians to begin caring for babies while still in the womb, some are scanned at just 12 weeks when the heart measures just over a millimetre.
  • Europe's largest unit for treatment of cystic fibrosis is based at RBHT, we see over 730 adults and 360 children with this condition.
  • We are the country's largest centre for treatment of adult congenital heart disease, staffed by a specialist teams including four full-time pecialist consultants.
  • We help almost 11,000 adults who have breathing problems caused by diseases such as COPD and severe asthma.



Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children


GOSH is an international centre of excellence in child healthcare.


Together with our research partner, the UCL Institute of Child Health (ICH), we form the UK's only academic biomedical research centre specialising in paediatrics.


Since its formation in 1852, the hospital has been dedicated to children's healthcare and to finding new and better ways to treat childhood illnesses.



Great Ormond Street Hospital receives 252,389 outpatient visits and 43,778 inpatient visits every year (figures from 2016/17). Most of the children we care for are referred from other hospitals throughout the UK and overseas. There are 63 different clinical specialties at GOSH; the UK's widest range of specialist health services for children on one site. More than half of our patients come from outside London and GOSH is the largest paediatric centre in the UK for:

  • paediatric intensive care
  • cardiac surgery - we are one of the largest heart transplant centres for children in the world
  • neurosurgery - we carry out about 60 per cent of all UK operations for children with epilepsy
  • paediatric cancer services including bone marrow transplants – with University College London Hospitals (UCLH), we are one of the largest centres in Europe for children with cancer
  • nephrology and renal transplants
  • children treated from overseas in our International and Private Patient (IPP) wing



Our mission is to put the ‘child first and always’. This describes why we exist and has been the same since our inception in 1852. 
Our vision was updated in 2017 to better describe what lies at the heart of the work GOSH does which is to help the sickest children with complex health needs to fulfil their potential.
To turn our vision into a reality we have defined four priorities:
  • We will achieve the best possible outcomes through providing the safest, most effective and efficient care
  • We will attract and retain the right people and through creating a culture that enables us to learn and thrive
  • We will improve children’s lives through research and innovation
  • We will transform care and the way we provide it through harnessing technology



Four overarching values came out from the analysis to reflect and reinforce the Trust’s mission and commitment to put children at the heart of everything we do, ‘The child first and always’, we are calling them Our Always Values. So we will:

• Always be Welcoming

• Always be Helpful

• Always be Expert

• Always be One Team

In addition to the overarching values, we have drawn on the survey information to identify standards for each value as well as examples of the behaviours that people want to see more of/less of in support of each value.



In 1852, Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) opened with just 10 beds, and was the first hospital in the UK to offer dedicated inpatient care to children. 


From world firsts in surgery and state-of-the-art buildings to pioneering research and celebrity support, see some of our highlights and the people who have made them happen.


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Evelina London Children's Hospital

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